About Us

Print My Minis comes from the creators of Atlantis Miniatures.

Atlantis Miniatures is a UK based miniature company focused on creating high quality resin fantasy miniatures. After several years in the industry, we have finally jumped into the exciting world of STL's for home printing.

Print My Minis offer a range of uniquely designed characters in 28mm scale for you to download as an STL to print, paint and collect at home. 

Our wide range of themed STL's can be found on our MyMiniFactory store, either as individual characters or collections.

Who we are

Print My Minis is a team made up of Dan the founder and 3D Designer from Atlantis Miniatures and his partner Sarah. Dan is an experienced 3D Designer whose creative, unique style developed with Atlantis Miniatures has massively influenced the character design for Print My Minis.  

Sarah joined the team at Atlantis Miniatures a few years ago and ever since has been steering the ship onto newer and greater adventures. Sarah manages the office, 3D print room and social media pages.

Over the last year, we have also had the joy of working with Patrice J Rameau. The swamp release and a lot of our future releases utilise the stunning artwork and ideas created by Patrice during this time. We will show some of this artwork off over the coming months. Patrice had a large hand to play in the upcoming releases and we are excited for you to see them.
Our upcoming collections will be a stunning collaboration of ideas and designs between Patrice J Rameau and Dan.