If any questions have not been answered. Please send us an email to and we'd be happy to help!


Q: What day of the month will the files be uploaded?

A: We aim to upload files on the 3rd or 4th of each month. This allows us time to confirm payment has been received. Subscribers will receive an email update when the files have been uploaded and are ready to download.

Q: Can I pause my subscription?

A: At this point in time, we do not have a pause function to our subscription. You can cancel your subscription by sending an email to

Q: Is there a merchant tier?

A: There is a merchant tier. The merchant tier can be purchased from the homepage and all information will be available on our merchant info page. (page and product will be available soon). If you have any questions, please message

Q: I havn't received the confirmation email/ MyMiniFactory Email?

A: Your subscription will be confirmed by email. A follow up email will be sent once you have been added to our MyMiniFactory user group. This will contain simple instructions on how to download the STL's. We add new subscribers to the user group twice daily.  

Q: Do you have a discord channel?

A: Not yet, but we will have one set up soon. There will be a few standard community pages including a print help page where we can offer advice and assistance.

Q: How do I stay up to date with the latest news and releases

A: Our newsletters will cover most of the information. But we also recommend following us on FB, FB group, Twitter and Instagram.


Q: What happens if my payment fails?

A: If payment has not been successfully processed prior to the 4th of the month, you will not receive access to that months release. But please do not worry, we will be able to manually add you to the latest release once payment has been received.

Q: My payment has been declined?

A: Occasionally, payment can be declined. This is most commonly due to a bank flagging the payment as unusual compared to your standard spending activity. If so, we recommend contacting your bank.


Q: Where do I download the files?

A: Our products can be downloaded from MyMiniFactory once you have been added to the user group. This is a manual process so there may be a short period of time in between checkout and receiving access. We try to add new customers twice daily. You will have access to the files via MyMinifactory using the email you checked out with on our store.

Q: Will I be able to download the files straight away?

A:No, but you will receive access to the downloads on the same day. The process requires a member of the team to manually add you to our user group. This is done twice daily.

Previous Releases

Q: Can I purchase previous releases?

A: Previous releases can be purchased via our profile on MyMiniFactory. Previous releases are available for $**RRP or $** with our Subscriber discount. This question will be updated once figures have been confirmed.

Q: Is there a MyMiniFactory discount for previous releases?

A: Yes, Our subscriber discount is **% on MyMiniFactory. Pending Decision. This will be provided as a discount code to our subscribers.


Q: Are the files presupported?

A: Yes, all of our files come presupported.

Q: What scale are the miniatures?

A: The miniatures are a heroic 28mm scale. We tend to focus on creatures and monsters which have a bit more freedom in terms of size. But we stick to expectations when it comes to things like humans and dwarves etc.

Q: Can I change the size of the miniatures?

A: You are welcome to change the size of the miniatures. But please note that the sculpts have been designed for this particular size, meaning if you print smaller the details may not read as well or alternatively if you print larger the model may appear less detailed. To resize the model, you can either scale the unsupported model and support it yourself. Alternatively, you can scale the supported file. If you scale the supported file some knowledge on the supporting process may be needed. We use light supports which if scaled down might fail. They may require editing if you make the model smaller or larger.

Q: What printers do you recommend?

A: We recommend resin printers for our products. We use Elegoo and Anycubic printers but are quite excited to get our hands on a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K.

Q: Can you print the STL's on an FDM Printer?

A: Our files are presupported for resin printers. The supports are not designed with the intent of being used on an FDM printer. However, we do offer unsupported files. FDM users can create their own supports better suited for FDM printing.

Q: What software do I need?

A: We provide unsupported and presupported files in STL format. This can be uploaded into Chitubox, Lychee or the standard printer package that comes with your printer. If you have a printer you will have a software included which is appropriate for our STL releases. Our supports can be edited using Chitubox, however we are looking to move to Lychee.

Q: What glue do you use?

A: For small lightweight models, we use Gorilla Superglue. For larger models we use Gorilla Epoxy Resin. With larger models we recommend scouring the contact points. For the best contact it is important that the connecting surfaces are cleaned and support remains removed.

Q: What do I do if my print fails?

A: We test our prints on several printers and we also use members of the community to test our prints. If your print fails it can most likely be resolved with a small increase to your exposure settings. If you are having consistent problems with your printer we recommend trying a print validator to improve your printer settings. There is also a fantastic community for most of the top printer brands who are very helpful. We also have our own Facebook page which we hope will be able to assist other members. And of course, we are here to help!

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