Merchant Licence: Information

Commercial Use Licence - Terms and Conditions

You may sell 3D prints of our models as long as you remain subscribed to the Merchant Tier. If you cancel your merchant subscription your rights to sell the products will cease immediately. -You may not sell our digital files.

-You may not cast our models.
-You may not use our products in crowdfunding campaigns.
-You may not alter or adapt the sculpts for other purposes.
-You must credit Print My Minis as the artist responsible for creating the models.
-The printed models may be painted or unpainted.

-Print My Minis retains the right to revoke any Commercial Use Licence at any time.


  1. Print My Minis is the sole owner of the STL files and their derivatives. The STL files are a copyrighted work belonging to Print My Minis.
  2. Print My Minis grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use the files.
  3. You may not resell, re-distribute, or share our digital products as-is or where the resource can be extracted, nor use portions of our files to create new ones. You may not resell derivatives (e.g. physical prints) of our digital products unless you possess a Commercial Use Licence that is granted by Print My Minis.
  4. You may not use the resources in mass commercial production, meaning no moulds and/or casting of the printed models.
  5. You may only use the content provided by us (imagery, digital files and their location links) for personal use, and you are not allowed to distribute or sell them nor the prints. (See exclusions below).
  6. All copyrights belong to Print My Minis, NO rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user. Our files, designs, and imagery are protected by intellectual property laws.
  7. Availability of tiers may or may not be limited.
  8. Tiers and their rewards and availability are subject to change without prior notice.
  9. Any theft, redistribution, resale, imitation, licensing, leasing, or claimed ownership of Print My Minis copyrighted brand and materials will be considered a breach of this contract, an infringement of copyright law, and dealt with accordingly in keeping with UK Law.

Merchant Email Confirmation

Once checkout is completed you will receive an order confirmation. Access to the files will be granted once a member of the team has opened a line of communication via email.

We collect basic contact information including address, telephone and website or intended sales platform.

Once we have received a reply, a member of the team will invite you to donwload the STLs.


Q: Will I receive instant access to the files
A: A response to our Merchant Welcome Email is required to open a channel of communication prior to giving access to the files. This is sent manually via a team member. Once we have received a response to this email you will receive access to the files in less than 24 hours. We operate 9-5pm GMT hours. It is feasible to complete the process in one business day.

Q : What happens if I cancel my Merchant Subscription.
A: As part of the terms of this release you may continue to print the models for personal use but you will lose the rights to sell the prints.

Q: Will I get access to previous releases?
A: If you join the merchant tier and have missed prior months releases. You will have to pay a fee equal to one months Merchants subscription for each month you would like to add to your catalogue.

Q: How do I cancel my Merchant Subscription?
A: You may cancel your subscription by sending an email to

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: We have a strict no refund policy. We grant access to the files monthly. We are charging for the access to the files and the ability to sell them. We have to treat this like many other digital platforms.

Q:Will I be notified of the new releases?
A: You will be notified of all new releases via email and invitations to download. Please also follow our newsletter to see what is coming soon.

Q: Will you be releasing Atlantis Products into the merchant Tier?
A: Yes, we will gradually select certain products to cross platforms into the STL world. The first Atlantis Models we intend to release as STL's include the Manticore, Sphinx and Hippogriff. The Manticore and Sphinx will become STL Exclusives. They will no longer be available on Atlantis. We hope this appeals to your customers.

More FAQs will be added soon.